Working Out in NYC

New York has every temptation when comes to food. There’s something on every corner. So it better have everything when it comes to burning all of it off…and it does! I’ve gotten a few questions on which ones are my favorite. So today I’m writing about what a typical week might look like, if I’m really hitting it hard.


My New Obsession: BOXING! I’ve tried a couple in the city and thus far, Rumble is my absolute favorite. For those of you that have done Barry’s Bootcamp or Shadow Box, it is a healthy mix of both (without the treadmill). Calling all boxers! I’m all about the full body workouts. This fits the bill. It’s a healthy mix of some circuit exercises and punching it out on the bag. For me, this was a perfect stress reliever and endorphin generator. The stress of the week builds up and hitting the bag feels therapeutic in a way. Perfect way to spend an early Saturday morning and say – “Bye Felicia” to the previous week and embrace the weekend/week ahead. My favorite instructors are @erikaannhammond and @noahdneiman.

Pilates on a Reformer – SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone): It’s all about that core and little moves that’ll have you feeling the pain! I feel like this class is a great complement to the heavy cardio workouts. Believe me, I still sweat (I sweat a lot ;)), but it’s a different type of sweat. After the planks, side planks and pulsing lunges, my obliques and thighs are on FIRE.

Soul Cycle: An oldie but a goodie! I probably generate more positive energy and inner peace spinning it out here than anywhere else. There are a lot of spin studios out there, but SC is unique in my opinion. Spinning to the beat of some fab music puts a smile on anyone’s face. Even if you’re not a fan of stationary cycling, I recommend giving it a go. They usually dedicate 1 song to an arm workout to give the legs a breather. Don’t let those 2-3 lb weights trick you. You’ll be burning at the end of the song – trust me! You can usually find one of these in any major city, so also perfect if you want to get a complete sweat sesh in while on a business trip or vacation. I’ve been to the San Francisco, NYC (Chelsea, 19th, Union Square, TriBeCa and Financial District Studios), and Chicago studios. If 45 minutes is not enough, look out for the “Survivor” classes and you’ll get an extra 15 min for a total of 60 mins of pure heaven. They’ve got the shoes, showers, and water…so all you have to do is show up and rock out.

Barry’s Bootcamp: Ok Barry, you’ve done good and yes, you’re a legend. Love the fact that each day covers a different part of the body and the weekends are for full body workouts. My favorite days are full body days and of course the Butt & Legs day. Boy do I hate those booty bands, but boy do I need them. I try to start on the ‘Tread‘ (treadmill) and you go back and forth from a run workout (mix of distance and interval training) and the ‘floor‘ (where you lift weights at your preferred level). You’ll see me here on a Tuesday or Saturday/Sunday. Fav instructors are: @nivzinder (if you want a circuit workout that’ll blow your mind), @ashleywilking (run the distance and tone), @keonihudoba (for a flare of Hawaii and no bullshit), @alyciaatbarrys (booty bands).

Classes on my list to try…As soon as I try them, I’ll make sure to post an update.

Y7 Yoga: Sometimes I’m looking for restorative yoga geared towards finding my inner balance and zen. Other times i just want to sweat it out, stretch it out, and tone it up without having to focus too much. Listening to hip hop in the dark while doing yoga, sounds like the perfect way to tackle that.

Mile High Run Club: Have always loved running, but unless i’m MapMyRun-ing and tracking my pace, my run can sometimes turn into a jog. Taking a class where you push yourself the distance and incorporate the incline, just seems to make me a stronger individual runner. Been told if you like Barry’s, then you’ll like this.

Tone House: Deemed the hardest workout in the city. Rumor has it the room is full of D1 Athletes (which I’m not), but willing to try anything that helps me push my limits and presents a challenge. Let me know if anyone is up for trying it together.

This page will evolve over time because I’m always trying something new. My fitness journey is exploratory and I’m always looking for what makes me feel the best and puts a smile on my face. I have to show up at work, but this post is all about the places that I choose to show up at, because I want to be there. These are also great to bring sig others to or out of town visitors (always check for first timer deals). I’ve met some of the most interesting and inspirational people along the way. No reason to skip your favorite activity of the day! Let me know if you try any of these and would love to know all the details (how you felt, your instructor, what the music was like, what time of day it was…). Get out there!

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